Czukiewski's Daring Dobermans
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European Line Doberman Pinschers
Welcome to Czukiewski Daring Doberman
We offer healthy 100% European Doberman Pinscher puppies.  Dogs and puppies are raised in our home and never kept in kennels.  We believe in breeding the best in standards of what a Doberman Pinscher should be.  Protective, lovable, and great for families.   
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Desert Illusion Angel & Demon and Romashka Angel & Demon  are Russian Import Dobermans.  Czukiewski's Daring Iz Zeus is the son of Desert Illusion and Warrior. They are all very loyal, extremely smart, and excellent watchdogs. They wait in the kitchen until I get home and then greet me with tons of kisses and hand shakes.  They are always on the alert.  Any little noise grabs their attention, and they quickly get up to check out the house and do a perimeter check outside  to make sure we are safe.  I couldn't ask for better companions.

Desert Illusion is an excellent mother too!  She constantly cleans her puppies, heeds to every cry or whimper, and makes sure that they are fed and comfortable.